IoT, a key asset for Digital Transformation

Speaker: Nuria de Lama

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IoT has become one of the most relevant technologies in the context of Digital Transformation. In this presentation you will get an overview of the market forces around IoT and the way this technology is helping to reshape many industrial sectors as we know them today. IoT, as a major source of data, is also an enabler of the emerging Data Economy. We will discuss about the role IoT plays in data-driven processes and will understand which the most relevant initiatives around IoT and Big Data are, leading to the definition of strategies on Artificial Intelligence. All this opens an exciting period where technologies are converging in complex systems of systems, giving birth to different business ecosystems, dominated by the so-called B2B platforms. While cloud computing seems the underlying infrastructure for predictive analytics, edge computing emerges as the necessary solution to ensure privacy-preserving prescriptive analytics, creating new technology opportunities for those cases where computing needs to happen close to the data/IoT. However, a lot of challenges still exist around diverse topics like data sharing and data spaces, interoperability between platforms, user engagement, scalability, or regulation. This presentation will go through some of them, presenting examples that will help us to understand their complexities but also proposed solutions.