Formal Assessment of Complex Engineered Systems

Speaker: Armando Tacchella, University of Genoa

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Engineered Systems, i.e., open, concrete systems of technical or socio-technical elements are the focus of this talk. Their characteristics include being created by and for people, having a purpose and satisfying key stakeholders’ value propositions. Complexity arises from the fact that some key properties, including safety and security, arise only when the parts interact in a wider whole. Formalizing engineered systems and assessing relevant properties is a formidable challenge that has to cope with etherogeneous dynamics, adaptive behaviors and human-in-the-loop elements, to mention only some. This talk describes our ongoing research program to enable various degrees of automation in the design, implementation and testing of complex engineered systems. Our main goal is to bridge the gaps among bits-and-pieces that exists in various research domains (simulation, reasoning, verification and theories thereof) and create a uniform approach for specification-driven model-based design of control software for modern engineered systems.