Safety and reliability of (adaptive) cyber-physical systems

Armando Tacchella

In spite of consistent research efforts in the past few years, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) still represent a major challenge when it comes to asses their safety and reliabiity. Adaptivity, i.e., the ability to change internal parameters based on learning or optimization techniques, further adds to this challenge. Given the complexity of CPS design, there are different phases wherein the issue of guaranteeing safety and reliability pops up and must be dealt with, namely from high-level requirement definition, going through synthesis and verification of control strategies, to end up in implementation, monitoring and diagnosis. In this talk I will summarize some of my past and ongoing research related to guaranteeing that CPSs perform their required functions under stated conditions for a specified time, and that they do so without damaging the surrounding environment while (possibly) updating their internal parameters either
off-line or on-line.

Safety and reliability of (adaptive) cyber-physical sytems