How to reach

On Sunday, you can reach the Is Molas hotel, starting from Cagliari/Elmas Airport:

Train from Cagliari/Elmas Airport to Cagliari: LINK

Bus ARST #129 from Cagliari to Pula: LINK

The bus is taken in front of the train station, where the train from the airport leaves you (station “CAGLIARI Autostazione ARST” (LINK)).

The bus #129 should leave you at the “SS 195 Bivio Is Molas” stop (under request), which leaves you 2km away from the hotel

Due to unexpected modifications on route and schedule of public transportation the school is providing FREE OF CHARGE two transfers by bus leaving the airport approximately at 15:00 and at 20:00. More details will be provided as soon as the dedicated form is filled in by all the school participant.

Due to the mentioned changes WE DO NOT RECOMMEND to walk from BIVIO IS MOLAS to the RESORT, since you will not find pedestrian pathways. In case you opt for public transportation, the best option would be getting off in Pula and take a taxi from there to Is Molas Resort (price should be around 35 euros).