Dataflow and higher level abstractions for parallel programming

Speaker: Jeronimo Castrillon, TU Dresden

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Computing systems continue to increase in complexity, today including multiple cores, complex memory hierarchies and domain-specific accelerators, and soon with components built with emerging hardware technologies. This complexity calls for advances in a variety of domains, like programming and modeling languages, models of hardware, system simulators, design exploration methodologies and hardware architectures. From the standpoint of programming languages and compilers, this lecture discusses the challenges in mainstream sequential programming to motivate higher-level abstractions. It then provides an introduction to dataflow programming methodologies as a promising solution for embedded applications. We will review the fundamentals of dataflow models of computation, basic programming methodologies and look at current research to account for the adaptivity that new applications require, especially in the context of cyber physical systems. The lecture closes with an outlook on higher level programming abstractions and challenges posed by emerging computing architectures.