Poster session

Please, click on the poster (presenter – paper name) to see the PDF.

Khakim Akhunov, Kasim Sinan Yildirim – AdaMICA: Adaptive Multicore Intermittent Computing

Stefano Demarchi and Dario Guidotti – Counter-example Guided Abstract Refinement for NN Verification

Juan Encinas – ML-Based Modeling and Virtualization of Reconfigurable Multi-Accelerator Systems

Alessandro Falcetta, and Manuel Roveri – T4C: A Framework For Time-Series Clustering-As-A-Service

Marius Herget and Faezeh Saadatmand – Design Space Exploration 2.0 for complex, distributed Cyber-Physical Systems

Gianluca Leone, Paolo Meloni – Bio and Cyber Neural Network Interaction: Toward Hand Kinematic Decoding

Milko Monecke – A Distributed Task Scheduling Framework for Edge Computing and Cyber Physical Systems

Massimo Pavan, Armando Caltabliano and Manuel Roveri – On-device Subject Recognition in UWB-radar data with Tiny Machine Learning

Francesco Ratto, Luigi Raffo and Francesca Palumbo – Multithread accelerators on FPGAs: a Dataflow-based Approach

Julian Robledo-Mejia – Adaptable programming models and compilers for 5G and beyond

V. Trombetta, M. Cordy, E. Tronci and A. Legay – CHAOS – Configurations Analysis of Swarms of Cyber-Physical Systems

J. Motta, A. Sassu, A. Carlevaro, A. Deidda, L. Ghiani, F. Gambella, G. Garibotto – A Deep Learning Artichoke Plants Identification Approach for Site-specific UAV Spraying

Raffaele Meloni, Giuseppe Meloni, Daniel Madroñal – HW-SW management using a lightweight Yocto-based OS on a ZCU102

Tiziana Fanni, Giuseppe Meloni, Marco Melis, Antonio Solinas and Maria Katiuscia Zedda – The Multi-Sensor Gateway, a unified communication scheme and orchestration actor for heterogeneous systems – Technical Paper

Damiano Vallocchia – Comp4Drones: Lightweight Cryptography

Francesca Palumbo: Comp4Drones: Smart precision agriculture: from drone to rover

Emad Ebaid and Keivan Navaie – Efficient Design of Scalable Indoor Positioning System based on Wi-Fi Fingerprinting